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Laugh Out Loud

Let’s be honest; everyone loves to laugh! And the Endgame Improv has nightly comedy shows that are sure to tickle your funny bone. All of the performers are extremely talented and the variety of shows makes every night a unique experience. What’s even better is that the Stage Werx Theatre is only about fifteen minutes from the Mylo Hotel. Why not grab a nice dinner before enjoying a night full of laughter?

One show that is a personal favorite is the SF Tonight. During this show, the hilarious improv troupe creates one of a kind comedy shows from audience suggested headlines. The give and take between the performers and the audience is what really makes this an exceptional show. Shows are usually less than $10, so this is an opportunity for an inexpensive night out that won't disappoint. After you have laughed your heart out, make your way back to the Mylo Hotel to unwind and prepare for your next adventure.