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A Happy, Healthy Holiday

The holidays can be stressul enough– worrying about your health and safety during this cheerful season is something Mylo Hotel is working against. Here are a few things we're doing to ensure you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday away from home. Read more

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Farmers Market Fun

Grab your mask and head to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for some Thanksgiving treats, located less than 20 minutes from Mylo Hotel. Read more

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Halloween At Home

2020 has thrown us some curve balls, but that doesn’t mean the spooky festivities have to be put on hold.  Read more

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San Francisco's Top 5 Scenic Lookout Points

San Francisco is known for having some of the most scenic lookouts on the entire West Coast.  Read more

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A Moment of Zen

If you’re searching for your own personal sanctuary within the city, look no further than the Japanese Tea Garden.  Read more

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The Most Crooked Street in the World

Even though Lombard Street is known as the most crooked street in the world, it is actually not even the most crooked street in San Francisco.  Read more

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The Concept of Caring at Mylo Hotel

In partnership with our parent company Concept Hotels, Mylo Hotel is tremendously proud to announce our newest program, the Concept of Caring. Read more

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A Bird’s Eye View of Bayshore Heights

Mylo Hotel is part of the neighborhood of Bayshore Heights—where parks and views abound. Read more

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The Gateway to the Peninsula

While Mylo Hotel sits on the San Francisco peninsula, our official address is in Daly City—a distinct municipality in San Mateo County with its own interesting history. Read more

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Get Wound Up

Did you know that the study of time is called horology and that people who are experts in the field of watches, clocks, and time, in general, are called horologists? Read more

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Hoop It Up

The Golden State Warriors have become one of the premier franchises in the entire NBA over the last 5 years or so. Read more

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Last Chance to Experience a Cult Classic

When Joel Hodgson created Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1988, he probably had no idea how big of a hit that his comedy series featuring himself and robots from outer space commenting on B movies would ultimately become.  Read more