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Early Bird Alcatraz

Everyone has heard the old age "the early bird gets the worm." Well that is especially true when considering a visit to one of the Bay Area’s most popular tourist destinations, Alcatraz Island. The Early Bird Tour of Alcatraz is the exact same as the day tours, minus the overwhelming crowds. Located less than nine miles from the Mylo Hotel, you can be at the pier and ready for the ferry in less than half an hour. All you early risers will not want to miss the opportunity to explore the famous island while avoiding the typical crowds.

The first trip leaves Pier 33 at 8:45 AM, so you will want to leave the hotel right after a quick breakfast to ensure that you arrive in time. The Early Bird Tour, just like the normal day tours, lasts about two and half hours. Just imagine the morning view of the bay as you pass by the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Adult tickets are $33, and you may want to consider purchasing them ahead of time as the tours tend to sell out weeks ahead of time. Alcatraz Island has been home to a Civil War Fort, a military prison, and of course the infamous US federal penitentiary. The tours allow visitors a chance to experience history and hear testimonials from former guards at the "Rock." You will get to learn more about famous prisoners like Al Capone, Robert "Birdman" Stroud, and Machine Gun Kelly. While most famous for the villainous personalities who once made the island their homes, Alcatraz island also contains a variety of wildlife and beautiful flowers for visitors to enjoy.

After your exciting morning adventure to Alcatraz Island, you will want to return to the Mylo Hotel to refresh before having a nice lunch at one of the many local restaurant options. As an Early Bird, you not missed the crowds, but you also have the rest of your day to explore more of the area’s amazing attractions.

Alcatraz Island: The ferry leaves from Pier 33.