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Escape rooms have become extremely popular lately, but the first “escape room” was created by the king of thrilling escapes, Mr. Harry Houdini himself. Now, you have the opportunity to try your hand at that very escape room experience at Palace Games. Located about 25 minutes from the Mylo Hotel, the Great Houdini Escape Room is available by reservation only. You and 5-11 of your friends or family have 80 minutes to solve puzzles designed to confound great thinkers like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Charlie Chaplin, John Phillip Sousa, Buffalo Bill Cody, Helen Keller, and Luther Burbank. Of course, the challenge has been adapted a bit for modern audiences, but the new puzzles incorporate references to the 8 people mentioned above. This escape room experience is a lot of fun, but be warned, it is very difficult and has about an 18% success rate. Imagine joining that elite group of finishers! Even if you are unsuccessful, you are sure to have a great time.