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Noir City

January 26- February 4, 2018 are the dates for this year’s Noir City Film Festival in San Francisco. The festival takes place in the historic Castro Theatre which is only about 20 minutes from the Mylo Hotel. Each night of the festival includes a double feature which is included in the price of one ticket. The fun kicks off with I Wake Up Screaming, a murder mystery starring Victor Mature and Laird Cregar and Among the Living (Not Available on DVD!) starring Albert Dekker and Harry Carrey. Day features This Gun For Hire starring Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake and Quiet Please, Murder starring George Sanders and Gail Patrick. Next comes Shadow of a Doubt and Address Unknown followed by Destiny and Flesh and Fantasy the following day. Other films being shown include Southside, The Underworld Story, Conflict, Jealousy, The Blue Dahlia, Night Editor, Wicked Woman, The Big Heat, The Man Who Cheated Himself, and Roadblock. Film buffs are sure to love this unique festival which honors the mystery movies of a bygone era.