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3 Bay Area Haunts for Halloween

This Halloween season, you should consider a visit to any of the following 3 haunted locations in the Bay Area. Each of these unique destinations has its own spooky history, and they are all located within 25 minutes of the Mylo Hotel.

1. Stow Lake: The man-made Stow Lake is located on the eastern side of Golden Gate Park. This popular destination is the source of multiple sightings of a woman with glowing, long hair who wears a white dress. Though it is unclear why she haunts the area, she usually makes her appearances after dark.

2. Golden Gate Park: Throughout Golden Gate Park, people have reported being pulled over a policeman only to discover that he has been dead for years. If you find yourself in the same situation, you may want to check with the local PD just to be safe.

3. Neptune Society Columbarium: People lay the ashes of their loved ones on the grounds of the Columbarium, and visitors often report ghostly sightings and haunted experiences.

Visiting these haunted locales can be spooky and exciting, but remember to stay safe and to be respectful.